Vessels waiting for berthing shall anchor at Ippa anchorage or Janganseo anchorage. Janganseo anchorage is recommended for large vessels intending to pickup pilots at Janganseo pilot boarding ground and in case Ippa anchorage is full as instructed by Pyeongtaek VTS. Pilotage is optional for anchoring at the both anchorages. The other anchorages are for shifting vessels in the harbor or for emergency, and pilotage is compulsory for foreign vessels above 500 GRT

Inner harbour

nner harbour
Anchorage Position Capacity(G/T) Remark
Section 37A°00a€²08a€²N, 126A°43a€²42a€²E
36A°59a€²38a€²N, 126A°45a€²27a€²E
37A°00a€²22a€²N, 126A°45a€²59a€²E
37A°00a€²42a€²N, 126A°44a€²23a€²E
150,000 Bangdo anchorage (pilotage required)

Outer harbour

Outer harbour
Anchorage Position Capacity(G/T) Remark
No. 1 37A°03a€²00a€²N, 126A°10a€²06a€²E
(radius 900m)
150,000 Janganseo anchorage
No. 2 37A°09a€²42a€²N, 126A°27a€²42a€²E
37A°09a€²42a€²N, 126A°30a€²54a€²E
37A°08a€²42a€²N, 126A°30a€²54a€²E
37A°08a€²42a€²N, 126A°27a€²42a€²E
150,000 Ippa anchorage (Quarantine anchorage)
No. 3 37A°05a€²41a€²N, 126A°37a€²14a€²E
37A°05a€²16a€²N, 126A°38a€²50a€²E
37A°04a€²03a€²N, 126A°39a€²30a€²E
150,000 Near Dorido
(for emergency only/pilotage required)